Best Ping Pong Paddle Set Review

Reviewing the Tierra Sports Complete Ping Pong Paddle Set

Some players refer to it as table, or tabletop tennis, while others call it ping pong. Whatever you’re accustomed to calling it, if you enjoy playing the game, you’ll want to put the best ping pong paddles in your hand. It’s even more convenient when you get a complete package, multiple paddles, quality balls, plus a carrying case.

best ping pong paddle setAs you shop around for a paddle that feels just right, it will benefit you to have an idea of what goes into making a quality ping pong paddle. There are features of our ping pong paddles and balls that set them apart. Here is a review considering three aspects of ping pong paddle sets and an explanation why our set is one of the best ping pong paddle set options for the money.

The Blade

A critical place to start when reviewing ping pong paddles is the blade. The blade is the face of the paddle, the part that makes contact with the ball. There are two important aspects to consider when talking about the blade. The material used and the surface rubber.

One aspect of the blade to remember is that to be legal at most competitive levels, the blade must be at least 85-percent wood. The paddle set offered by Tierra Sports includes four quality wood paddles that can be used in competitive ping pong tournaments.

Our paddle incorporates 7-ply wood bats to offer a lightweight paddle, which puts power and control in a player’s hand. One aspect of assembly that competitor’s frequently use as a shortcut to reduce cost is in the adhesive process.

A strong adhesive removes any worry about the rubber face peeling away, or the handle becoming loose. Not only is the type of surface, but the method of adhesion is critical in picking the best ping pong paddle for spin.

The low quality glue used in some competitor’s paddles decrease control and reduces spin. A face with a dimple-in rubber, such as ours, enhances control and allows players to spin the ball easier.

The best ping pong paddle set for the money will also protect the edge of your blade, which is what our paddle does. A blade that meets the wood percentage requirements for tournament play, and has the right surface attached with a high quality adhesive helps set our paddle set apart from competitors.

The Handle

While the blade is an important aspect of selecting a good ping pong paddle, the handle is vital as well. The surface and material of the blade are in large part responsible for power and control, but likewise is the handle.

Experienced ping pong players refer to the paddle as a ping pong bat, which helps express how important the handle part is to performance. The best ping pong paddle for spin will have a handle that has a slight flare and uses a material that provides a secure grip.

Our paddle has this important flared design in an ergonomic shape that gives players a secure feel. These two features not only offer a secure grip, but they allow players to shift the paddle easily. Advanced and competitive ping pong players will appreciate how simple it is to move the paddle around without the risk of dropping it unnecessarily.

Our handle works well with either the penhold technique or the handshake method of holding a ping pong paddle. Advanced players will be able to shift our paddle from either grip, adding a necessary level of diversity to their game.

The Accessories

It’s possible to purchase a single ping pong paddle, but to get the best ping pong paddle set for the money it’s better to get a complete set. As part of the Tierra Sport’s ping pong paddle set, you also receive eight tournament grade ping pong balls.

There are four each, yellow and white. Part of the appeal of our complete ping pong paddle set is that it also comes with a custom carrying case. This way players can keep the paddles and balls organized and protected from damage.

While it’s not part of the complete set, paddles, balls and carrying case, Tierra Sports provides a hassle free customer satisfaction guarantee. There is zero risk, since the complete set is backed by our 30-day money back warranty.

To help improve the enjoyment of the game, and especially to play competitively, choosing a quality ping pong paddle set is important. The Tierra Sports complete ping pong set is made with top-notch materials.

The best materials and workmanship are blended with excellent quality control using the latest technology. Our paddles are perfect for any level, including the most ardent ping pong competitors. If you’re searching for the best ping pong paddles as part of a complete set, this is one worth buying.